Dining Ants

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Dining Ants



Hungry ants are attacking your picnic.

You need to save your food before it's too late. It's gonna be hard. The ants are big and hard to beat! Soon they will be all over your screen.


Sweep your finger to push ants away. Tapping won't help! Careful. Ones you stop moving your finger, the ants are coming back.

Use special weapons (Antmagedon etc.) to beat your enemy.

To advance to another lavel you need to do the certain task, like saving two apples. Hold a piece of food for 3 seconds to save it.

With every single level the ants are getting harder to beat. They are multiplaying and new kinds of ants are joining to make the task even harder. The gigant ant is the worst enemy.

Game ends eather time is off or the task is done. Good luck!

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