Storage Empire

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Storage Empire

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The 1st FREE auction game with life-like items to win.

You will be buying goods at storage auctions and selling them for profit at your own retail store. Expand a vehicle fleet to get advantage over other human players and build your Empire.


These are life-like items of real value. So far there are 120 precious artifacts and this number is rising fast. 


You can buy as much as you can carry. So get a bigger car to get access to a nearly unlimited number of auctions.


All items bought on auctions are automatically and consistently sold in the retail store. As in real life, it would take a long time before you get all your money back. Expand and upgrade your store to sell faster and at a higher price.


Beat real bidders from all around the world.

Storage Empire is FREE TO PLAY. 

Please note that Storage Empire REQUIRES INTERNET connection to play.



A big Thank You goes out to everyone who has played Storage Empire.

Special thanks to those who have enriched the game by providing us with photographs of their own items.

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